Common Phone Scams

Examples of common phone scams:

  1. “This is the IRS calling to let you know there is something wrong with your computer.”
  2. “Pay us a fee, and we will relieve your debt, lower your credit card interest rates, or improve your credit.”
  3. “We can help you start your own business by coaching you or guiding you in a profitable investment.”
  4. “I’m calling to raise money for ___ Charity, and we could really use your donation.”
  5. “We are offering a great deal for ongoing service to your car, just send us a fee and sign this contract.”
  6. “You’ve gotten a free trial for these products, you won’t be charged, but give us your credit card information.”
  7. “You have been approved for a credit card or loan, but we’ll need an up-front fee to get started.”
  8. “You’ve won a prize, but we’ll need a fee for shipping or registration to get your prize to you.”
  9. “Sign up with our organization for free or low cost vacations. We will even help you sell your timeshare after you pay a fee.” 

Helpful tip for avoiding phone scams:

Never answer the phone if you don’t recognize the phone number.

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Common Phone Scams

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