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I’m a Student, Can I Open a Bank Account?

The answer in most cases is, yes. When looking for a student bank account, make sure you find one that will meet your needs.

Here are some things to think about:

  1. What kind of fees do they charge if you overdraft, or spend more than you have in your account? Some banks will charge a fee, usually around $30 if you overspend. Make sure you know what you’ll be charged.
  2. Are there any ATM fees? It’s important to know if you’ll need to pay a fee to withdraw money from ATMs that aren’t associated with your bank.
  3. How can you waive maintenance fees? Some banks have options to avoid maintenance fees, like setting up a direct deposit or make a certain number of debit card purchases each month.
  4. Ask about fees for paper checks. A student account that offers you free or discounted checks would be helpful.

Make sure you ask about these things when considering a student checking account!

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I'm a Student, Can I Open a Bank Account?

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